Using R with GLOBIOMΒΆ

Some scripts included with the GLOBIOM model are R scripts. If you have not done so already, we suggest installing R via the R Project website. If you find yourself using R a lot, the R Studio integrated development environment is highly recommended.

The R scripts included with the model require additional R packages. These can be installed from the R console using install.packages("package"). R Studio provides a convenient package manager that makes installing/removing packages even easier.

Instead of installing individual packages, we recommend to simply install the tidyverse package collection.

The one required package that needs special treatment is GDXRRW, a package to read/write GDX files from R. Please see the GDXRRW installation instructions for details. Beware, on Windows installing the source package will not work unless you have a compiler installed, install a binary package instead. Binary packages are provided for specific operating systems and R versions, carefully select the appropriate package for download.

Typical use cases for R are data conversion, for example import from Excel files, and scripted results analysis.