Top-level script of the GLOBIOM model. It executes the numbered stages of the model in-sequence, passing the output of a stage as input to the next stage via the filesystem (.g00 files in the Model/t directory).

This allows the model to be re-run quickly after modifying a stage by commenting out the execute statements of prior stages: since these will not produce modified output, their existing output files can be re-used.

To keep the .g00 input/output and .gdx output files of the stages of a run separate, redefine the run variable so as to provide the files with a unique label. Similarly, output file(s) in the Model/output directory can be labeled through the output_name variable.

Commented-out executes of existing scripts


Arguments for 7_output.gms:
  • --output_name name of the output GDX file without .gdx extension.