Scenario set-up file

This script is the main file to launch scenarios. This file:
  • Defines the scenarios.
  • Sets up the initial values for food, wood and bioenergy demand projections => define_base.gms, calc_einc_proj.gms, define_scenario.gms.
  • Sets up the assumptions on technological progress => define_scenario.gms.
  • Eventually expands the model described in 4_model.gms with new equations => model_scen.gms.
  • Sets up the initial values for land cover => recursive_luc.gms.
  • Sets up the initial values for trade => recursive_trade.gms.
  • Solves the model for each year and each scenario: LOOP( ...., SOLVE ...).
  • Defines parameters to save after each scenario is run => rep_declare.gms, rep_compare.gms.