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Contributing to development of the ibis.iSDM R-package

We welcome contributions to the ibis.iSDM R-package. These contributions could be simple typo fixes, additions to the documentation and testthat tests, enhancing the vignettes to provide a greater understanding this package, or completely new functions.

For the latter, please get in touch with the package author or one of the maintainers first. Pull requests to the master branch require a confirmation and code review from package maintainers.

Development guidelines

  • The ibis.iSDM contains primarily functions for fitting models.
  • Speed and flexibility are key
  • Don’t repeat yourself. Create new functions and if necessary classes. Equally try to reuse common names from R, e.g. plot, summary
  • Please run code checks and tests regularly.
  • Avoid using additional package dependencies where possible.
  • Comment your code!!
  • Use assertions to verify inputs to functions.
  • If bored, please write unit tests and ensure they all evaluate (CRTL+SHIFT+T)!

(also see issues and projects) for open issues