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ibis.iSDM 0.1.1 (current dev branch)

New features
Minor improvements and bug fixes
  • Several bug fixes and improvements in thin_observations
  • global, probs, and centers argument for better control of thin_observations
  • Harmonization of parameters for spartial() and addressing #80

ibis.iSDM 0.1.0

New features
Minor improvements and bug fixes
  • Added R-universe installation option as alternative to github #38
  • Minor bug fixes in scenario() object, and MigClim and Kissmig wrappers.
  • Bug fix related to CRS classes of sp and sf
  • Bug fix related to blas.num.threads
  • Bug fix that crashed write_summary() outputs when no prediction was made.
  • Bug fix related to CRS in engine_inla()
  • Bug fix in engine_stan() related to background layer
  • Class of biodiversity data is identical for PO and PA
  • Bug fix in built_formula_glmnet() and response
  • Bug fix in built_formula_gdb() and response
  • Each model$biodiversity stores only predictors of current ID
  • Bug fix in built_formula_inla() for INLABRU

ibis.iSDM 0.0.9

New features
  • Added new vignette on available functions for data preparation #67
  • Addition of small mask() function that emulates the for terra.
Minor improvements and bug fixes

ibis.iSDM 0.0.8

New features
Minor improvements and bug fixes
  • Added warnings and checks for missing crs in supplied layers #65
  • Smaller bug and code harmonizations to ensemble_partial(), partial() and spartial().
  • Smaller bug fixes to threshold() in scenario() projections.
  • Improved error messages in several functions.
  • Further documentation fixes towards CRAN submission #38
  • Allow to specify location of biodiversity point records in threshold().

ibis.iSDM 0.0.7

New features
  • Added method proximity to add_control_bias() to place lower weights on points closer to another.
  • Added helper functions get_data() and the option to apply threshold() directly on BiodiversityScenarios.
  • Added centroid function to BiodiversityScenarios and DistributionModels #29
Minor improvements and bug fixes
  • Add Error message for background data of different units easier to understand.
  • Added warning message to the threshold creation to use independent data where possible.
  • Fixed bug in threshold() introduced by #17
  • Fixed add_offset() function now also allowing sf objects as input.
  • Fixed bug with writing outputs in write_output()
  • Fixed a bug so that prediction limits work correctly again (distribution(...,lim = x))

ibis.iSDM 0.0.6

New features
  • partial_density() function implemented #57
  • Re-specification of limits with implementation of minimum convex polygon limits to distribution().
  • Added check() function for assessing assumptions and fits for various objects #45
  • Added minor internal helper functions to duplicate stars objects via st_rep.
  • Implemented local limiting factor function (limiting()) #37
Minor improvements and bug fixes
  • Further smaller documentation fixes towards a CRAN submission #38
  • Bug fix to method buffer in pseudo-absence settings.
  • Minor bug fixes to ensemble() uncertainty calculations.

ibis.iSDM 0.0.5

New features
  • Addition of 5 parameter logistic curve offsets with parameter search to add_offset().
Minor improvements and bug fixes
  • Further smaller documentation fixes towards a CRAN submission #38
  • Bug with with write_model(), now converting terra objects to data.frame between import/export.
  • Smaller bug fixes, for example in similarity(), addition of variable name sanitization to predictors by default.

ibis.iSDM 0.0.4

Minor improvements and bug fixes
  • Smaller bug fixes with regards to writing outputs and adding pseudo-absences.
  • Added short convenience function to convert prediction outputs #48
  • Converted from raster to terra #17
  • Updated and added further unit checks and tests

ibis.iSDM 0.0.3

New features
  • Aded Boruta for iterative feature selection of predictor variables.
Minor improvements and bug fixes
  • Removed Magittr dependency #41
  • Smaller improvements to documentation and removing of CRAN preventing function calls.
  • Made the separation from hyperparameter search functions clearer and added new option to filter highly correlated covariates via train().

ibis.iSDM 0.0.2

Minor improvements and bug fixes
  • Smaller documentation fixes, including to make sure examples and returns are in all exported function documentations.
  • Preparation for cran release #38, including fixing some common issues and checks.
  • Some smaller bug fixes to validate() to make Boyce more robust.
  • Change of the logo. Thanks to @elliwoto
  • Added warning to validate call for users to be aware of non-independent validation.
  • Further fixes on github actions and tests by @mhesselbarth

ibis.iSDM 0.0.1

  • Initial public release version! Finding and fixing further bugs…