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The ibis.iSDM package provides a series of convenience functions to fit integrated Species Distribution Models (iSDMs). With integrated models we generally refer to SDMs that incorporate information from different biodiversity datasets, external parameters such as priors or offsets with respect to certain variables and regions. See Fletcher et al. (2019) and Isaac et al. (2020) for an introduction to iSDMs.


The latest version can be installed from GitHub. A CRAN release is planned, but in the meantime the package can be found on R-universe as well.

# For installation (Not yet done)
install.packages("ibis.iSDM", repos = "")

# For Installation directly from github

Basic usage

See relevant reference site and articles.

Note that the package is in active development and parameters of some functions might change.


Jung, Martin. 2023. “An Integrated Species Distribution Modelling Framework for Heterogeneous Biodiversity Data.” Ecological Informatics, 102127, DOI

Acknowledgement IIASA

ibis.iSDM is developed and maintained by the Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation group at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Austria.


All contributions to this project are gratefully acknowledged using the allcontributors package following the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind are welcome!