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This function creates a new BiodiversityScenario object that contains the projections of a model.


scenario(fit, limits = NULL, reuse_limits = FALSE, copy_model = FALSE)

# S4 method for ANY
scenario(fit, limits = NULL, reuse_limits = FALSE, copy_model = FALSE)



A BiodiversityDistribution object containing a trained model.


A SpatRaster or sf object that limits the projection surface when intersected with the prediction data (Default: NULL). This can for instance be set as an expert-delineated constrain to limit spatial projections.


A logical on whether to reuse limits if found in the trained BiodiversityDistribution object (Default: FALSE). See also notes!


A logical of whether the model object is to be copied to the scenario object. Note that setting this option to TRUE can increase the required amount of memory (Default: FALSE).


If a limit has been defined already during train(), for example by adding an extrapolation limit add_control_extrapolation(), this zonal layer can be reused for the projections. Note: This effectively fixes the projections to certain areas.


if (FALSE) {
  scenario(fit, limits = island_area)