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Adaptability constraints assume that suitable habitat for species in (future) projections might be unsuitable if it is outside the range of conditions currently observed for the species.

Currently only nichelimit is implemented, which adds a simple constrain on the predictor parameter space, which can be defined through the "value" parameter. For example by setting it to 1 (Default), any projections are constrained to be within the range of at maximum 1 standard deviation from the range of covariates used for model training.


# S4 method for BiodiversityScenario,character,character,numeric,numeric



A BiodiversityScenario object with specified predictors.


A character indicating the type of constraints to be added to the scenario. See details for more information.


A character vector with names of the predictors for which an adaptability threshold should be set (Default: NULL for all).


A numeric value in units of standard deviation (Default: 1).


A numeric constant that is added to value at every time step (Default: 0). Allows incremental widening of the niche space, thus opening constraints.


passed on parameters. See also the specific methods for adding constraints.


if (FALSE) {
scenario(fit) |>
 add_constraint_adaptability(value = 1)